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Fredag d. 7. september 2018 kl. 09:00


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The Enneagram Next Level

- become a role model for sustainable values and behaviors

This training will give you an unique understanding of how adults continue their learning curve, break old an unuseful behavioral patterns, reach goal and follow their passion. The Enneagram Next Level Authorization Training will provide you with knowledge and practices about the Enneagram together with tools adjusted for Enneagram-enthusiasts like Immunity to Change, Levels of Competencies and The Human Journey.

In your role as a coach, leader, HR-professional trainer or lifelong learner you will receive a certificate upon completion indicating, that you are part of a growing community of people around the globe who is interested in being solid role-models for sustainable values and behaviors.


The purpose of this training is to provide you with insights, practice and tools:

  • To build new personal skills
  • To navigate change and complexity
  • To build learning communities
  • To foster for better results and a deeper sense of WHY.

The training is combined of two 3 days in person modules, where you in the first module will work on your own personal growth using the concept, and the second module will be the place, where you will practice and master the content of the program, go deeper into the tools and processes and to present you to the dynamic inner structure of the concept..

Before attending the in person training you will prepare for the training with the prerequisite online training program.


You will be working with the following content.

  • Next Level. Why is it so difficult to experience a break though in ones personal growth and development as an adult and how can you take your practice to the next level? This part will introduce you to the concept of The Enneagram Next Level. We will cover topics like The Closed Psychological Loop, The Motivational Styles of The Enneagram, Object Relations and the unwillingness to Change, Behavioral Triggers and Instincts.
  • Immunity to Change and The Enneagram. How can we get a deeper understanding of why we don’t change our behavior when it is so obvious for us, that it will benefit us – maybe in a way that would change our life in the most positive way? In this part you will understand the deeper essential fear or assumption, which is driving your behavior as it is limiting your growth and development.
  • Sense of Direction, Sense of Belonging and Sense of Contribution. When do we experience a meaningful work life or a meaningful personal life? In this training you will work with three pillars of meanings making aspects of your professional and personal life, and you will see how these pillars can be used in building new skills for yourself, clients or employees.
  • Levels of Competencies. When building new skills we need to start a the right place, not to get bored and discouraged and not to get disappointed and distracted. The Levels of Competencies will give you a path to get started the right place as having a measurement for the progress of building new skills.
  • The Human Journey. We have a tendency to convert everything into projects, talking about goals, skills, deadlines, follow up’s, corrections and celebrating’s. But sometimes we need to let go of the projects and enjoy working with passions, longings, aspirations, ambitions and vocations. When we understand the different we will have a way of finding meaning in all our projects and thereby be able to onboard others in our ideas, build loyalty toward our ideas and grow our influence and ability to build stronger teams.
  • Learning Communities. The concept of The Enneagram Next Level is based on the principle “Learning while Working”, meaning that it is in everyday life, that we practice and build new skills. It is also very difficult to practice without the reflections and feedback from others, and this part of the program will inspire your to build your own Learning Communities as to join some exciting communities to continue your learning.

Who should attend?

  • Coaches who are responsible for supporting personal growth and performance as well as the balance between the professional and personal life.
  • Leaders and managers who are responsible for the performance of teams, task forces, or autonomous work groups
  • HR-professionals who are responsible for supporting, guiding and consulting the organization as well as integrating new cultures and mindsets for individuals, teams and the organization.
  • Team leaders or small teams of three or more participants from the same company

Program Fee

21.000 DKK + VAT

The program fee includes tuition, all meals, and course materials.

Payment is due upon admission. Your space is secured upon receipt of full payment.

The fee covers training in total of 6 days from 9.30 to 17.00 and the prerequisite online (in Danish/English) training program.


After the training you will receive a certificate and the authorization.


For over 20 years, Flemming Christensen has integrated different disciplines like psychology, leadership, teamwork, and communication with life purpose, personal growth, life-quality, and the meaningful life. He has authored 14 books, with seven oriented to integrating the Enneagram into practical use. He has been a popular speaker at International Conferences since 2004, presenting on leadership, teamwork, presence and mindfulness, and, more recently, the integration of integral theory with the Enneagram. Flemming is also co-founder of IEA Denmark and an active member of the board for many years.

Flemming Christensen is a fully-certified teacher through The Enneagram Institute and is a certified Integral Development Coach through New Ventures West, a leading coach training school. Flemming has also studied at the University of Notre Dame’s “Executive Integral Leadership” program and the Strozzi Institute’s “School of Embodied Leadership.” He continues his studies with a Zen teacher, who is based in San Francisco, California.

Flemming Christensen has a dedication to explore the practical ways of developing personal excellence, with an increasing emphasis on tailoring the right  practices to develop specific new competencies. As a presenter he uses his Danish humor while challenging everyone to be real. He helps clients ask the big questions of “Why?”  and facilitates processes for finding answers to these  questions that ring true in the heart.

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Notes about Copyrights

Immunity to Change is developed by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, and their works has been adapted to integrate with the Enneagram.

The Levels of Competencies is based on the work of James Flaherty and has been adapted to integrate with the Enneagram.

The Human Journey is based on work by Pamela Weiss and has been adapted to integrate with the Enneagram.

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