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Russ Hudson Workshop - The Integrating Mind

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Fredag d. 10. september 2021 kl. 13:00 til Søndag d. 12. september 2021 kl. 19:00


Fredag d. 10. september 2021 kl. 12:00


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Russ Hudson Workshop - The Integrating Mind

Bringing Together Rational Thought and Intuition

Generally speaking, when people learn about inner work, they tend to focus on various elements of emotional and somatic work, and there is good reason for that. Unless we are grounded in our body and in our heart, our mind tend to create problems, and we do not have much consistent access to the real gifts of the head center.

Yet, with some degree of presence, we start to see that there are two sides to our minds—both important and both distinct.
  • One part is our capacity for rational thinking, logic, and discernment. We really cannot get far in our personal or spiritual development without learning to see through our own logical errors and stuck beliefs.
  • The other part of the mind is more intuitive and immediate. It is able to make leaps of understanding, and to grasp relationships that are not always obvious to logic. Without logic, we are vulnerable to ungrounded beliefs, rigid thinking, and a lack of discrimination. Without the intuitive capacities of mind, we tend to dismiss the most important elements of a human life.
We can certainly see both of these problems in the Enneagram world too, yet, the Enneagram itself can be a fantastic way to see the relevance of both. The aim is to of course utilize both of these aspects of our consciousness, and to learn how they operate together—how they actually can enhance each other. 

The benefit from this workshop will be:
  • You will understand the powers of the rational mind in combination with the deeper intuition, and practice how you can integrate both aspects in your personal growth and your support and enhancement of others.
  • You will explore how the rational mind will give you an even stronger personal capacity working with the Enneagram, using a precise and specific vocabulary about personal growth, psychology and the practices of building presence and awareness.
  • You will investigate the nature of intuition and how to engage and interact with the strong forces and powers of your personality.

In this workshop, we will look at some of the opportunities and challenges to using our full minds through the lens of the nine points, using exercises, music, and meditation to explore the ideas in the workshop in our own personal experience and to see the implications of this in our lives. 

Important information:
  • **Workshop is online and will run every day from 1pm-7pm CEST (Copenhagen, Denmark time) on Zoom

  • ** Signup for Early Bird price is non-refundable

  • ** SIGNUP FOR ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLE: Remember to choose language in top right corner where it says 'sprog' before signing up

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