Russ Hudson Workshop - The true use of the Enneagram

Dato og tid

Fredag d. 14. september 2018 kl. 14:00 til søndag d. 16. september 2018 kl. 16:00


Lørdag d. 15. september 2018 kl. 13:00


Bryggervangen 55
2100 København Ø


+45 70278060

A workshop about a more effective use of the Enneagram!

If you wish to renew your relationship to the Enneagram, if you think there is more to uncover, and if you feel you need a fresh look and inquiry into what the Enneagram can be, beyond merely typing yourself and others, this workshop is an absolute must for you. In this workshop we will get to understand the Enneagram in a different and deeper way than before.

In this brand-new workshop, we will look at the use of the Enneagram from the point of view not just of describing type, but of effective transformation of our awareness.

The true use of the Enneagram means looking at how to use the Enneagram to authentically develop our awareness and transform ourselves, rather than excessive preoccupations with "typing". What the true aim of the Enneagram is, is to increase our sensitivity and awareness. Finding our type is merely the beginning of the Enneagram journey, so how do we keep the inquiry and practice with the Enneagram open and alive instead of merely resting on the insight provided by descriptions of types?

This workshop will give you a revitalized interest, understanding, and relationship with the Enneagram and a stronger sense of the possibility, creativity, and depth that the Enneagram can open up in yourself, with clients, and teams.

We will work with new approaches and experiential practices to deepen our capacity to integrate all Nine Types and revitalized our relationship with the Enneagram and the entire process of inner work.

Your outcome from this workshop will be:
  • A more effective use of the Enneagram
  • More clarification about what it is we're really exploring and working on with the Enneagram.
  • Renewing a view of the interest, creativity, and possibility in how to use, convey, and understand the Enneagram.

Workshop fee covers workshop materials, lunch and coffee/tea/water. The fee does not cover accommodation. 

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